Our aim is to encourage little people to have love, knowledge and a respect for food. Meals brings people together and can be the foundation of a happier life, so let’s get our babies enjoying eating from the start. Good food rituals are at the heart of what we do; DW baby is about giving the gift of food to your little person or people and embarking on the tastiest adventure imaginable.

Our Story

Amy Webb and Faye Dayan spent 4 years running a successful London catering firm, delivering to boardrooms across the city, and organising corporate events .

With the arrival in 2018 of Indy and Rupert (coincidentally born on the same day) they found they had the two most challenging clients in their homes.  Amy and Faye have refocused their attentions on creating recipes for little people, and exploring ways of fostering a love of dining out in London for all the family.

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