About Us

We bring good food into work places across London, catering for meetings, team lunches and corporate events.

Why Choose Dayan & Webb ?

Good food is at the heart of what we do, delivering in modern, fuelling and filling dishes, with an emphasis on presentation, but most importantly taste! 

We build our menus around ambient temperature food, perfect for added flexibility to your meeting an event.

We understand your need for punctuality and deliver your food for the time you need it.  

The Dayan & Webb kitchen is based in Bethnal Green Rail Arches

About our Food


Our suppliers are some of the best in the UK, and where possible we use local and seasonal produce. 

Allergen Sensitive

Delicious food should be enjoyed by everyone: we can cater for allergies and dietary requirements and are Halal and Kosher friendly kitchen. Often our food is naturally gluten free, dairy free & vegetarian.


We know our customers are aware of reducing their environmental footprint. We are dedicated to developing a business that limits its impact through our packaging, sourcing and transportation choices.

Our Team


Good food at work fuels productivity.


We believe that you should not have to compromise on quality when ordering for a group meeting or event. If you want to create an incredible product work with incredible people. is goes for our suppliers, the DW team & our sales partners. Dayan & Webb wish to create a sustainable business for all; that means  offering a premium product at an appropriate price that allows us to pay fair wages and a fair price for our ingredients.


The food was so beautifully presented we were hesitant to eat it at first but it soon flew off the dish once people had a bite!

Go Cardless

Everyone absolutely adored the food. We have had so many lovely comments from our team

Zonin Wines

Everyone loved the canapes last night!

Remy Cointreau