For one of our final catch up’s before heading off on maternity leave Amy and I decided to sample Luca’s breakfast Menu, available every day from Monday – Saturday from 8 – 11. The great thing about being heavily pregnant is that no one raises an eyebrow when you order more than what would be considered a usual breakfast, so we set out to sample a fair spread of offerings from the concise but well thought out menu.

Breakfast is held in the bar, which is a treat in itself, art deco, dimly lit and reminiscent of a Venetian hideaway. We ordered our coffees with  with a simple croissant with Nutella, which was crispy and perfect in every way. The chocolate was rich, with real chunks of hazelnut – a great start. My breakfast main was a warm focaccia with mortadella ham and tomato mustard, which turned out to be a punchy tomato jam, the star of the show against the traditional cured meat and perfectly salted bread. Amy’s scrambled egg and chanterelle mushroom was a hit as well, simple but brilliantly proportioned and seasoned, with the mushroom flavour itself being allowed to shine, as it should in this breakfast classic.

I was then delighted to switch back to finishing my Nutella croissant, as a kind of breakfast dessert, whilst musing on how brilliant it was to be able to order an Italian inspired breakfast in the heart of Clerkenwell. Although perfectly suited to a business meeting, I am returning in a few days at the weekend with my husband for his birthday breakfast and hope to try out more of the menu. Hooray for breakfast at Luca!