– 1 Michelin Star, 3 Raspberries

Restaurant Overview 

  • Facilities  4/5
  • Food 5/5
  • Staff 5/5 (they are very happy to have little people visit during the lunch service)
  • Atmosphere 4/5 (you may feel a little self-conscious if your little person has a meltdown)
  • Parent satisfaction 5/5
  • Little person satisfaction 5/5

Total score: 34/35

Best for

  • A special celebration. Will work best for a little people lunch.

Hints and tips:

  • Ask for a seat in the bar, it’s much more relaxed and the cocktail making will provide a great source of entertainment.
  • Their lunch menu is a great value option for a family and the variety it offers is perfect for little people sampling.

Polin Street Social is a Webb London favorite. It is where we went for lunch the day we found out we were having a baby boy and we even named one of the tables at our wedding after one of our favorite dishes.

We have enjoyed many meals here as a couple, with our friends and now as a family. If you include Ruperts time in my tummy, he has visited this restaurant a total of 5 times (he is now 14 months old) – I think I need to let them know, he could be due some sort of award or at least a free meal!

On our latest visit, we went for a mid-week lunch with my Mum and what a treat we had. We went with their 3 courses (FYI, this is more like a 5-course tasting menu) set lunch menu, at £39 per person (not including drinks or service).

We started with a selection of snacks, the mushroom soup being a real highlight. We then moved on to the starter and main course all of which are seasonal options taken from the current menu.

Our main course was followed by a delicious pallet cleanser and then our dessert. You can also choose to upgrade your dessert to one from the a la carte menu, I would seriously consider opting for the pistachio souffle if you think your Little One can manage the wait  (if you are lucky like us, they will have passed out with excitement by this stage and so you can enjoy the desserts and the delights that follow without feeling you have to share them with those big eyes that are watching every mouthful). Following the desserts come a whole host of delicious sweet treats, which I can guarantee older little ones and bigger ones of all ages will love.