DW baby believes it is important to set clear intentions in all things in life, including what you intend to achieve by eating out-out with your little person.

What do you want to gain from the experience?

Are you craving a romantic meal out with your partner at your favourite pre-baby spot as if nothing had changed? If so DW baby whole-heartedly recommends you get a baby sitter enlisted for the evening as soon as possible; eating out with your little person will not satisfy this very important need for  you and your partner.

DW baby sees eating out with baby as an opportunity to bond as a family, to discover new gastronomic experiences together, to explore and have fun. Your pre-baby foodie life does not have to be replaced by visits to characterless chain restaurants with a high enough noise level to drown out your baby (and all other conversation as well). DW baby does not see family style chains as the extent of special occasion restaurants with little people (we have nothing against chains as causal eateries, see our top 5 chains in the city for little people here)

Baby perusing his options

Things that DW baby believes don’t have to disappear

  • Foodie gastronomic enjoyment, new flavours, tastes and experiences.
  • Enjoying a special atmosphere with special people
  • Enjoying a glass of wine or two!
  • Fun and laughter at the table
  • A satisfying and nutritious lunch for baby and all 
Baby Out-Out at a Food Market

Our baby out-out reviews seek to describe the experience based on the intentions set out above, and the belief that your little person, just like you, will benefit from the cultural, social and gastronomic experience of the amazing foodie city that is London.