We are very proud of the food our kitchen creates,  so it’s really important to choose the correct packaging for our product. The food is meticulously plated in individual portions or platters on our carefully selected range of packaging which also reflects our concern for sustainability and commitment to minimise harm to our environment.

Our packaging mostly comes from biopac, the UK’s leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly food packaging and catering disposables.

Our Natural Pac individual Bases and Lids, 

The packaging bases are made from  sugarcane bagasse and are fully compostable.

Bases can be disposed of with your food waste.

The sugarcane bagasse bases are manufactured in the far east. Keeping manufacturing close to the location of the raw materials minimises transportation.

The lids are fully recyclable plastic and

Lids can be put with recyclable waste.

Product features

  • Bases made from bagasse, a fully compostable, natural, abundant and renewable resource
  • The containers are unbleached which means they retain the natural colour of the sugarcane fibres

What is bagasse?

Once juice has been extracted from sugarcane, sugar beets, sorghum stalk, or agave stems, leaves, or fruits, the factories are left with a mixture of fibrous plant debris similar to wood pulp

Read more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bagasse

Our Disposable Cutlery

Our Disposable cutlery is also sourced from biopac and is fully compostable, so can be disposed of with food waste. It is produced from renewable cornstarch (CPLA) which is also heat resistant up to 85 degrees.

Our Black platters

Some of our food is plated on black recyclable platters. Unfortunately this colour plastic is not always easily detected by the sorting machines in recycling plants so we are currently looking for an alternative. Any suggestions please let us know!