We’re already five weeks into the new year, which means we’re at that decisive make-or-break point for New Year’s resolutions where it can be easy to run out of motivation and give in to temptations.

One of the most common resolutions is to eat more healthily. This is unsurprising given the increasing trend in recent years towards favouring healthier alternatives, combined with the fact that there are now more healthy options available than ever before.

According to research by Bupa, eating healthily accounts for around a third of all New Year’s resolutions in the UK.

Bupa’s study also found that a whopping 66% of Brits who make resolutions have abandoned them by the end of January.

If you’re still going strong, great! But if you’ve dropped off, don’t worry – it’s not too late to get back into good habits for the rest of the year.

Here are our tips for maintaining your healthy eating New Year’s resolution after January.

Have a target/end goal

Having a clear target or goal for your resolution – whether it’s eating 2 more fruit and veg a day, cutting the amount of chocolate you eat in half, or losing 5 pounds a month – allows you to track your progress and stay motivated. Seeing the numerical progress that you’ve made can be a great confidence boost.

Specifying a target can also help you realise when you’re not sticking to your resolution and help you get back on track.

Keep it realistic – don’t get demotivated

That said, your target should be a realistic one. If you set the bar too high, the chances are that you’ll fall behind and get demotivated. The further you fall behind your target, the easier it is to pack the whole thing in. Moreover, there’s likely to be days where for whatever reason you can’t eat as healthily as you’d like – factor that in.

Start with a relatively low target and if you find that easy, gradually increase it until you reach a challenging but manageable goal.

Keep good workplace eating habits

Perhaps the hardest part of keeping a resolution is maintaining it when you’re busy and stressed out at work.

It can be so easy to forget about your goal or put to one side until you’re less busy – never to come back to it until the following January.

Therefore keeping good eating habits at work is vital to your healthy eating resolution.

Back in October we wrote a guide to boosting your productivity at work through a healthy diet.

Eating a mid-afternoon snack high in protein instead of carbs can give you more energy to get you through the day.

If you feel the need to snack on something during the day, grapes or dates can be a great replacement for chocolate or crisps.

Phone a friend…

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