Squeezing work like into baby life we often find ourselves working out of cafes. Sometimes a perfect flat white is what it takes to compose a coherent email whilst balancing a hiccuping six month year old and an avocado smeared laptop. Here are a few recent finds which have made it onto my work/baby life circuit:

Woolidando,  253 Bethnal Green Rd

Local to our production kitchen on bethnal green road I discovered this place whilst desperately looking for a place to sit down and feed baby. Not only does it offer coffee and avo-toast to please the most discerning shoreditcher, it also sells plants and artwork. Love it! Feed baby, drink coffee, admire art, resolve to take better care of plants, refuel on avocado toast, give some avo to grumpy weaning baby who missed breakfast – how many boxes can you tick!?

Pophams Bakery, Packington st.

Theres a mum and baby yoga class that runs out of the children centre on Packington street. A lady called Jazz has us doing impossible pilates and yoga poses with our babies on the mat beneath us. Baby often puts her feet up on my arms in sympathy as I grimace in a plank above her. All this deserves a good coffee and snack afterwards and Pophams fits the bill. They use Ozone coffee and provide ‘an array of freshly baked sourdough breads and a wide variety of viennoiserie, each crafted by hand, daily, with the highest quality ingredients’. My discovery was a twisted rosemary croissant; I bought one to bring home but it mysteriously went missing on the way – forget rosemary focaccia, this will be how I overdo my calories now. The tables outside are a particularly nice place to set up a lap top if weather permits.

Friends of ours cafe

Coining themselves as a friendly neighbourhood Australasian cafe, friends of ours is perfectly located on my walk to the bus stop to get the to our production kitchen. I’ve yet to try the delicious looking brunches (I have my eye on the Japanese Soufflé pancakes, bruleed apricots, tonka bean & espresso chantilly cream, smoked almond praline, espresso caramel sauce) but the drinks are notable in themselves. The iced tea is green tea sweetened with raspberry juice, which feels a little too special for a ‘neighbourhood’ cafe but i guess that’s Hoxton for you. Also on offer are shrub fizz sodas – non alcoholic where the kick comes from vinegar. Personally i find myself searching for the chips with this one but its an acquired taste and one which can be sampled here.

And then

Its great to have these gems in and around us, so that we can follow and sample food trends with the aim of making delivered group corporate catering as exciting as whats available to individuals on a retail basis. If you haven’t already checked out our new menu you can view it here