DW Baby believes that eating out with baby can be relaxed and great fun, but a certain amount of planning and preparation can help! Here are our top 4 tips to ensure your Baby Out-Out experience runs as smoothly as possible.

  1. Timing: This is Key. It would be easy to assume that if your baby normally eats at 12 your should make your reservation for 12 but this forgets to take into account sitting, ordering and waiting for the food. Book your lunch or evening meal at a time 30 minutes before you expect your baby to be hungry.
  2. Pre Lunch distractions. Toys are great for distraction but small items will get thrown on the floor and that can get very annoying. We recommend a large interactive book which can be easily held in place and will engross your baby for a few minutes.
  3. Eat together. Many parents choose to order so that the little person’s food arrives as soon as possible. However at DW baby we believe that eating all together as a family can have a lot of benefits. A small amount of bread or crackers can stave off hunger before the main event. However one rule does not fit all! You may find your baby is much happier to eat sooner so just try a few things out and see what works for you!
  4. Talk to your baby! Even though your little person may be too young to talk or even understand your words, babies communicate form birth. The table is a social place, and babies should not be ignored or excluded from all conversations.